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Alliteration is used in Thank You for the Thistle, a children's book, which is poetically written and teaches a love of language in a story certain to make every reader smile.

This is a sweet story about Great Aunt Nellie and her nice nephew "who watch with wild wonder at the wide window as the beautiful birds begin to bite into the bountiful birdseed." They have many fine-feathered friends----the charming chickadee, tufted titmouse, nice nuthatch, spirited sparrow, and the sweetest of all, the gorgeous goldfinch. Then as Brent Bernard gladly gazed through the glistening glass he gasped, ”Gee, Great Aunt Nellie, why aren’t any golden goldfinches going to the goodies?”

Each book is hand signed by the author, Dorie Thurston.

Encourage students to use interesting words in their writing and to learn the definition of alliteration by ordering Thank You for the Thistle. It’s a great teacher's resource and example of alliteration. Two lesson plans are available on this website to go with the book: One on Writing with Alliteration and one on Usage of Vivid Verbs. Four free worksheets are also included:

  1. Thinking Thesaurus for using more vivid verbs
  2. Underline the Very Vivid Verbs
  3. Add an Alliterated Adjective
  4. Add an Alliterated Adverb

Click to Enlarge Nellie and her nephew, Brent Bernard, explore the wild wonders of nature and introduce readers to the fun of poetic word sounds. Every page is full of vivid verbs, amazing adjectives, and animated adverbs with voluminous vocabulary to improve SOL skills. Talented teachers love this spectacular story because it is a great example of alliteration and usage of vivid verbs. Children love titillating tongue twisters that persistently perk up every ear and marvelously make them feel like listening. Students also enormously enjoy writing awesome alliterative sentences, and if they have any trouble thinking of a word they can always use the dictionary since it is organized according to beginning letters.

Click to EnlargeThe main character is an excellent role model for the core value, kindness and caring. Brent Bernard spends time with his great aunt and helps her find bird seed to feed the birds. Children enjoy reading about other children who accomplish good deeds because it empowers them to do the same and to feel proud of themselves.

Patty Arey, early literacy chairman for the Richmond Area Reading Council and retired Chesterfield County Virginia reading specialist, recommends this book. She has used it successfully to teach reading and writing skills to her students. She has also been a great mentor and has encouraged me to create lesson plans and teacher worksheets for the book.

CLICK HERE for informative ideas for teachers on classroom uses of Thank You for the Thistle

TEACHERS! The more books you order, the more you SAVE for each book on shipping. Ask your co-workers to go in with you so you can order more books at a cheaper overall price.

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Click here for Alliteration Lesson Plans and Very Vivid Verb Lesson Plans
Excellent lesson plans for grades 3-5. Students really enjoy writing tongue twisters and will learn while having fun!

Here are some references from happy purchasers of Thank You for the Thistle

  • Hello Dorie,

    Thank you! The students loved your book! We read it out loud. They picked the alliteration out in your story. Then they had a blast writing some alliteration of their own. For the regular academic class, I had them write 5 sentences containing alliteration. The sentences did not have to be connected to one another in meaning. For the Pre-AP class, I had them write a paragraph using alliteration with ideas that were connected much like your story. They were quite creative with it!

    My professor enjoyed the lesson and asked me to incorporate an expansion of vocabulary during the lesson. She loved all the nice words you had mixed into the story. [bountiful, dutifully, savored, enthralled, bungalow, brimful, etc.] The students helped select the words. Then I assigned each word to a specific student who looked it up in the dictionary and shared the definition. They loved that as much as reading the story. East Texas students now know the definition for a bungalow. :)

    The students loved the whole lesson. As mentioned, I took a bird feeder and regular mixed bird seed and a sock with thistle. I did a compare/contrast between the two types of seed. We talked about cost, feeders to hold the seed (cost), and the size of the seed. We talked about goldfinches being picky eaters like some students we know. ;) I had pictures in my PowerPoint of the different birds mentioned in your book, the thistle plant, and the different types of bird feeders. The students were able to see and touch the two different type of seeds also.

    It was a great lesson, and I received a great score from my professor. :) The bird feeders are to be my 'going away present' for the students. My last day with them will be April 10th. I will continue to be on their campus as a substitute teacher, but not in their classroom every day. This broke their hearts. :) It has been a great semester, and your book gave the perfect end to my student teacher observations.

    Sincerely, Rhonda

  • Dorie,
    Thanks for the alliterative activities.....they're great. I love your book. I shared it at a teacher training this week and included it in our bibliography with your web address. I am a reading specialist for Houston ISD and often train teachers in the areas of reading and writing. Will continue to share the book and the website!
    Judy Yeager

  • Dear Dorie,
    As it turned out, I received your delightful book on Wednesday! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! What a charming, lovely book. I am so anxious to read it to my fourth graders. I've seen many books on alliteration, but none compare to yours. I love the story it tells. Most other books are way too simplistic for fourth graders. Yours is Awesome!! Thanks so much for the worksheets, as well. They are exactly what I'll need to round out my lessons. I can't wait for your other books to come out. I know they'll be as terrific as "Thank You for the Thistle." Many thank from a true Dorie fan, Lenore Kline

  • Rachael Karchmer and Lisa Cipolletti were so impressed with Thank-You for the Thistle that they use it to teach their Children's Literature classes at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia

  • Reading specialist, Rene' Weiser at Harrowgate Elementary, Chester, VA says, "The third, fourth, and fifth grade students really enjoyed hearing the story read and learning how to alliterate."

  • Gifted Resource teacher, Mary Lynne Leffel at Eagle Rock Elementary, Eagle Rock, VA said, "This is something we can really use and ordered five more copies!"

  • Maureen Gorman of Apple Pie Ridge Elementary, Winchester, VA ordered five copies.

  • Troutville Elementary, Troutville, VA liked the book so much, that they ordered seven copies.

Your child is guaranteed to love this book!
One child in third grade at O B Gates Elementary School in Chesterfield, Virginia exclaimed
“That was the best story that I have ever heard!”

Dorie Thurston first saw a goldfinch at Great Aunt Nellie's house and was inspired to share this little secret of nature in a children's story. She took care of Nellie in her home when she came down with Alzheimer's disease. She also has three grown children, Brent, Melissa, and Ellen. Two more books are planned, each using her children's names, so look forward to reading The Greatest Gift and Forget-me-not in the future.

Dorie Books will donate a percentage of sales to the Alzheimer's Association.

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TEACHERS! The more books you order, the more you SAVE for each book on shipping. Ask your co-workers to go in with you so you can order more books at a cheaper overall price.

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